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SOUL Nonstick Grinder Card

SOUL Nonstick Grinder Card

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SOUL has partnered with V Syndicate to create a super sharp grinder card to fit perfectly with your SOUL water pipe and accessories. Grinder cards are perfect for those times when you're stuck in a pitch with a nug that you need broken down but don't have a grinder on hand. These cards fit perfectly into your wallet, pocket or purse and can be whipped out to grind your herb wherever you are.

To use the SOUL grinder, hold the card at a 45-degree angle and run your bud across the top back and forth. Think of it like you'd use a cheese grater. The SOUL grinder card produces consistent, fluffy and finely ground herb that's ready to pack in your bowl or vaporizer no matter where you take it.

  • SOUL x V Syndicate Collaboration
  • Perfect Portable, Discreet Grinder
  • Fits Easily into Wallet, Pocket or Purse
  • Bold SOUL Design w/ Custom Sleeve Holder
  • Nonstick Surgical Steel
  • Easy to Clean