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SOUL 4 Piece SharpShred Grinder
SOUL 4 Piece SharpShred Grinder

SOUL 4 Piece SharpShred Grinder

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The SharpShred grinder is one of many of the great smoking accessories offered by SOUL. Showcasing a minimalist design with the SOUL Logo and offered in black or white that matches perfectly with other SOUL pipes and accessories.

It's high time to end the struggle of the grind. The SOUL SharpShred Grinder features super-sharp teeth the provides for a clean and consistent grind of your herb every time. The SOUL SharpShred Grinder also features a durable pollen screen made from premium materials so you can easily collect the finest parts of your herb in the bottom kief chamber. In addition to the kief chamber, the 4 piece design also offers a separate grinding chamber and storage chamber. The magnetic top makes sure your grinder always stays together and makes it extremely easy to load up your unground herb.

  • 4 Piece Design
  • Premium Metal Construction
  • Super Sharp Grinding Teeth
  • Durable Pollen Screen w/ Pollen Chamber
  • Perfect Portable Grinder
  • Carrying Pouch Included
  • Mini Scrapper Included
  • Simplistic SOUL Logo Design
  • Pairs Perfectly with SOUL Pipes and Accessories